About Summer Rain

This will be my quiet place…. a place to write… a place to share… a place to contain those things around me that I enjoy… that I fear… that I love… those moments of time that I cherish…

This is my place of dreams… those I chase… those I possess…9

12 thoughts on “About Summer Rain

  1. purple says:

    Hi, stumbled on your blog while tag surfing for poetry. I enjoy your words and will be stopping in to read more again. Keep writing!

  2. Jaymie says:

    I followed Purple here and must say I am quite moved. So vulnerable and honest, I applaud you. Your love of your daughter..and yourself. I think that will be one of your greatest gifts to her.

    • summerrain63 says:

      Thank you…that is probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me…funny…I had followed purple to your page…even put you on my blogroll to hop to your place and read on occasion…hope you dont mind…thank you again..very much

  3. saffy says:

    I count myself lucky every time i flutter through your quiet place…~hugs you tight~ xxx

  4. Charles says:

    you have some nice expressions here, i think you will be fine. i like the image you used on this page, its very romantic, something soft and vulnerable.

  5. plainpainkillerjane says:

    I love your pictures.
    Thank you

  6. Charles says:

    happy new year to you also, thank you.

  7. Always follow your Dreams!..
    Sue Dreamwalker

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