Show time this weekend….thought I would share some before pics and words…..then will share some after…

Have spent almost every night last two weeks at the barn….practicing…then this week its cleaning… the horse….cleaning the tack and polishing….saddles, bridles, stirrups and bits….polishing riding boots….washing show coats….packing totes of supplies…hairnets and bobby pins, lint rollers for velvet helmets….all preparing…

She must take care of her horse this weekend too as if its her own….she must pack up the trailer w/ all her horses stuff and transfer to fairgrounds and then Saturday morning….all riders must be at the fairgrounds at 6am…they must feed and water their horse and clean its stall before doing warm ups in the show ring and then the show will begin….two days of this….she is registered for 6 classes…

She laughs….a laugh you only hear when your child is completely full of joy….its one you never forget when you hear it….

She smells….like hay….sweat…horse poop….and she loves it….

She works….unlike I have never seen….putting in hours doing everything she needs to do….never complains….its fun…(but gosh should I mention picking up her room and I get the nasty

Most of all….she just beams….like there is a light inside of her….her and I read a book once…about a young girl finding her way…her mother had died and she went to live w/ an aunt…her aunt told her one day…she would find her fire…that feeling inside that would light up her life…I remember a year or so ago…when I watched her do this before…prep for a show…the hours put in…the time and energy….she looked at me and simply said….”I have found my fire Mom….you know…like in that book..”

Happy Memorial weekend…..will return when finally….the fire will burn out temporarily and she will sleep for a whole day…me too actually cause I have to drive her around for all this stuff…lolImageImageImage


5 thoughts on “Before

  1. Duma Key says:

    Ha tiding rooms is never popular! I remember the battles to get the kids to tidy there rooms and how they could spend hours up there “tidying” and still looked no better, or the ingenious ways they found to hide the mess….one of them went to the effort of putting clothes in the games boxes as oppose to folding them and putting them away……till I pointed out it took more effort to hide them than to simply fold and place in draws!……seems like a whole other life time ago.
    Nice to watch the motivation and effort when something they really want, and away from video games, Facebook and the internet doing something so much more productive, close bond you have.

    Look forward to reading more and seeing the pics, hope you both enjoy.

  2. saffy says:

    Moments like that make the occasional glare worth it. xxx

  3. This sounds so exciting – I adore horses and always wanted to ride (I actually don’t think horse poop smells gross – I live in a town with horse n’ buggy traffic as a regular site and I am more likely to hurry out and collect ‘road apples’ for my garden than to turn up my nose and complain that they are there)


  4. Summer this is so beautiful.. Your words shine as a parent with such love and pride in your little girl who is now growing so fast.. I so love your magical weave of how her love for horses and riding is in her heart as it brings such Light to her eyes and face.. Knowing its truly where her heart lies in what makes her happy..
    I so wanted to do all of these things when I was young.. But my family had not the funds, so I had to make do with having a few lessons, and begging rides from my farming friends on their horses.. 🙂

    Loved this post..

    Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend where you are… Happy Jumping to your daughter, and I hope she comes home with a few Rosettes…
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xox

  5. Vanessence says:

    Yay for fire finding! We should all be so blessed. 🙂

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