The distance never mattered with us….

No matter the miles….you were always close in my heart….

Now it’s different…

It’s not so much the “distance” you are from me…

It’s more…

how “distant” you are to me…


I miss you

8 thoughts on “Distant

  1. saffy says:

    *sighs* Feel this one…*tight hugs* xxx

  2. summerrain63 says:

    tight hugs back….thought you might…smiles

  3. Jaymie says:

    My goodness, do we run in the same circles?

  4. Greeneyes says:

    i miss you…..more…..
    we should never find distance of heart just because life is too busy or too full….. friendship is more important …..and birds still need to be heard in the middle of the night on the end of a phone call that at that moment bridges hat friendship together…….as the sun is rising but laughing and talking has taken the place of sleep….. the perfect tradeoff…..

    i miss you…..and i don’t want to miss you ….anymore….

    • summerrain63 says:

      I am still always where I am….busy but here and just follow the smell of barn….seems it is in all my clothing these days….hay and horse shit…lol…hugs and love

  5. Duma Key says:

    So often in life we forget the simple things that bind, see with unseeing eyes, hear with ears that no longer listen, lost in this ideal of trying to live we some how forget to live.
    Something I have learnt, its not the big things that matter so much, but the little things, that gentle stroke or passing smile, that warmth that reminds us of love, of bonds, of what really matters.
    Far to easy to get lost in this “so called living” that the things, the people that mean the most sadly get forgotten and the distance slips in.
    I hope you find your path.

  6. Samanthamj says:

    Life is too short to miss the ones we really care about so much…. There is no such thing as “finding time”. Time has to be made. Something I have to re-learn myself, over and over…

    Lovely poem.

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