An Acquaintance


Acquaintance—a person whom one knows who is not a particularly close friend

Friend—one attached to another by affection or esteem

I guess I need to remind myself sometimes of these differences….

Remember when you were young and you maybe hung with a crowd…you got to know new people based on who dated who or someones cousin or the friend of a friend kinda thing…maybe you did things often….maybe you spent lots of days or evenings experiencing life with these people…maybe your best friend married their best friend…you get my meaning right??

Now what if like twenty years later….you run across one of these people….maybe with social media of today like facebook….or you see them at a reunion….or maybe when you visit home, you just run into them at the mall or something…

I would be so happy to see some of those people again….I would want to pull up a chair or start a fire and grab some beers and sit with them and talk…share their journey…meet their family through pictures or stories or in person….my heart would warm at memories of past years and I would feel warm towards them now…

But I guess sometimes…..I have to remember that maybe even back then….20 years ago….maybe they didnt want to know me….besides just the social get togethers…and its possible that now….20 years later…they still dont…besides the smile and the oh hey…how ya doing…where you at….nice to see you bye thing….thats all they desire….maybe their hearts dont warm at the memories at all….I guess I have to remind myself of these things…kinda makes me sad….I will always feel warm towards them regardless…I love all my memories…they have made me who I am today…

So I have to step back….let it go….they didnt want to really get to know me then….and they dont want to really wish to know who I am now so I have to be ok with that….remind myself….that maybe they never were a friend…

They were and are merely…

An acquaintance..


4 thoughts on “An Acquaintance

  1. I have thought throughout my entire childhood/schooling/working life that I had friends and yet like you say, I only ever really had One True Friend… I married him,
    I too have wondered what happened to many, and I have helped and bonded with so many throughout the years…. Thankfully I am not on FB so Im never tempted to find any…
    Have you never noticed how we bump into them often when leaving a job and then they seem to disappear without trace

    I think people come and go in our lives when we need them, and we touch each others lives leaving and giving something of ourselves….

    I have Many Acquaintances But only One True Friend and I am so lucky to have him.. 🙂

    thoughtful post Summer xox

  2. Samanthamj says:

    I think there are different levels of friendship… & that it seems like most friends come and go.. like most other things in life. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t real or good at one time… or that it can’t ever be again. Things change. Situations. Ideas. Feelings. Either way, how you feel about them, or choose to remember them, is up to you. Does it really matter if they remember things the same way? Our own opinions & feelings also come & go… With everyone changing so much… makes it hard to be on the same wavelength sometimes, I guess.
    Thanks for sharing, as always. ❤

    • summerrain63 says:

      You are absolutely right….I always feel warm towards old friends…I feel everything and everyone in my life has helped me become who I am today..just kinda sad to me though that with the passing of time…things do indeed change…maybe it just makes me feel old…thanks Sam..always good to see you

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