In light of the events of the past week in Boston, today was a day I needed to lift my spirits and remind me of the blessings that still surround us…

I went to a baby shower….a friend of mine I used to work with until she left to another place….I have missed her…seeing her today for the first time in person….the life inside of her….the smile and glow on her face….the laughter of all around me celebrating life…the little baby cousin of hers….only 2 months old which I of course held for a bit….the feel of his little fingers….the smell of him…my heart just filled today with warmth….

Never knowing when things will leave us….or when our lives will change forever with loss…we really need to take each day like today and remember our blessings….remember life is a miracle
in itself….find warmth and love in our hearts….

My daughter wasnt with me today….she was at the barn of course…learning how to play polo….but when we both got home….I hugged her….felt blessed that I had been given the opportunity to experience this miracle called motherhood…

To my friend Pam and the soon to be arriving Henry Francis….thank you for today….may the blessing of happiness and life shine on you both…

In a world of sorrow…I am thankful for the little miracles….those little miracles of life….so precious


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