Do You Remember….

snowy k

Do you remember when you loved snow? The smell of it in the air….the beauty of it on the tree branches…the feel of it on your skin…

Since moving to the frozen tundra a few years ago….I had forgotten…I was so nervous about how to handle so much snow…how to drive in it and get around..I simply forgot the beauty of it…I was reminded today..

It warmed up here a bit today….heading towards 30 degrees….heat wave actually..the air becomes so fresh smelling…the smell of pure snow…and then it began to pour from the sky…I took our puppies out and watched as they buried their noses in it….ran until they were wet with it…and I found myself laughing…

Then my princess K got home from school….then my husband…they headed out together to plow and shovel….I cooked dinner…I looked outside….the snow still pouring from the sky and I saw her…my K…her shovel in the ground beside her…just laying back on a snowbank and staring into the sky….the snow falling onto her face….tossing snow into the air…I smiled so big my lips hurt….the simple pleasure….I yelled her name and took the picture you see above…it was dark so its a bit fuzzy but I think from her smile you can see how happy she is….

then it was time for hot chocolate and drying out and cuddling under a blanket and hoping upon hoping they call off school tomorrow….course up here in the frozen tundra…that rarely happens….but its always nice to dream….


Do you remember those days…..simple pleasures….laughter….love…all from the cold wet touch….of a flake of snow….

Stay warm


6 thoughts on “Do You Remember….

  1. Hi Summer, yes I so remember those days as a child and also only the other week. We had around 5 inches of snow fall quickly and the following day I had my 2 yr old granddaughter to look after.. so we took her sledging and to go look at some pony’s .. She loved it, but it was cold so we had to head for home.. She cried as she had to leave the ponies.. But it was a lovely couple of hours and it was so nice to get warm and see her cheeks glowing when we got home…

    Lovely post and nice to see your photo’s…. Enjoy your weekend and wishing you lots of more cuddles and a happy weekend…
    Hugs Sue xox

  2. summerrain63 says:

    Does sound like a lovely time you had with your grand daughter…sometimes its just the simplest of things which bring the greatest of joys….and memories….stay warm

    • Summer I just read The First Fall in my email box with my heart in my mouth. How thankful and how proud you must be. And I too hope you daughter travels through her journey with that same True Grit! And pray life smiles upon her steps to only strenghten her pathway.
      So thankful all ended well
      Love to you and your family
      Sue xxxx

  3. enreal says:

    I felt the warmth here… it is truly a blessing when you feel a writers intention… and in this case it is warmth and love… it was beautiful

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