When I leave work this morning….I begin 8 days off so I wanted to post a little something….for those of you I adore….my Gracie….Saffy….Desay….Paul….I know I can catch you on Facebook….but I miss reading you….yes Gracie you still stimulate my senses….lol…but I miss the heart of the rest of you….

Anyways….my life is still busy….but my heart is sad….I have been very affected by the events in Connecticut last week….my heart just hurts for all of those families….I find myself crying for them….I look at their pictures….I read about them….then I go home and hold my daughter closer….and I pray….sending my love their way and thanking Him for the blessings in my life…

Christmas approaches next week….we all celebrate differently here and there….but to me….I dont mind the differences in all of us…I am blessed to know all of you….we never know about this world we live in….so never be afraid to speak your heart….I am truly blessed with my family….even though I still miss my mother so very much….but I am also blessed by you guys….I love you dearly…

I came by WordPress tonight….not so much to post…to read a bit though….try to escape my tears….think of my blessings….and I went around to a few blogs and I kinda just got disappointed…one guy who was not a Christian so he didnt celebrate Jesus…which is ok to have your own belief…but he put up a tree and was giving thanks to the tree??? WTF I say…seriously….a tree?? by all means be thankful for the beautiful nature of this earth but your gonna blog about giving homage to a tree during the holiday?? it just annoyed me…must be the menopause I guess….lol….

then I found as I ventured….so many lost souls out there….wasting and whining about love gone bad or other silly things and I thought to myself….its good to cleanse our hurting hearts and minds….its good to share it with those around you to find comfort in words of others….but ok….I have read the whining for weeks…I just dont have time for that….you want to live in a dark hole forever….please…there is so much other more hurtful and dark things out there… much pain….people with illness….people losing their children suddenly….children hungry or with no homes….I cant read about your love life anymore and the trips down vodka lane….I understand it….I have been there…but put on your big boy panties and find something to bring your life some meaning….this life is so short….dont waste a moment… …..

Its the holiday season….I am blessed beyond words….I love with every fiber of my being even when I get angry or sad….I love you my friends….I miss you….

Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas


9 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Dwolfie says:

    note to self: log in before writing blogment…..
    Hugs ya very hard sweety and I have been keeping You,Rich and baby k in my daily thoughts. My 3d life has been very interesting and I have found some kind of relief by writing on Tumblr it doesn’t have the interaction like 360 or multiply but I am really appreciating it because it lets me breathe. yes, last week was definitely a heartbreaking time and even as the days go by it still seems unreal. A few days before that a girl that had welcomed me to Tumblr had committed suicide and the Tumblr Writing Community is getting together to publish her poems and get the funds to her family so I have gotten involved with that as well. To say I have shed a few tears in the last few weeks is definitely an understatement. I probably should start reaching out more especially to those I care about. Hugs , kisses and all that other good stuff…. Here is hoping you get your booty in gear and start getting all jolly and stuff.

  2. Tincup says:

    I wish you would have posted a comment to express your feelings about the post…it was really about the trees…not the tree my landlord bought 🙂 I always welcome comments…especially from those that disagree…makes for a more fruitful post. Anyhooo…I wish you a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones.

  3. summerrain63 says:

    Oh I am jolly….just have moments when my blessings overwhelm me…will have to check out tumblr coz I am missing you guys big time….
    Merry christmas dear friend….hugs and love

  4. Duma Key says:

    That event was awful the pure become tainted by things that should not see and it makes me wonder how this world got so mashed up.

    Holding on to things that do not matter taints all that is good and ends up destroying the very core of what was once good, as you said life is to short.
    These horrific events make us appreciate exactly what we have and hold on to precsious moments, reaffirm our loves and commitments……so I guess even in darkness hope blooms……just so tragic, so dark that it saddens me to think we as people as so capable of acts like this……and why, it never acheives anything!

    I hope you and your family have a good break and enjoy your time together.

  5. saffy says:

    I left a comment on Paul’s page about how i felt lost in the ether, floating about with no real place to call home…but i’ve just realised, actually this place has been home to the real, authentic me for the longest of times now…and although it lacks the social interaction/aspects of other sites…i will continue to use it to reach out to others, in some small way…safe in the knowledge that those i love, are never that far away xxx

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