I look in amazement…in awe…

Each strong and with purpose as they make their way across the sky..

Wondering from where they came…
Wondering where they will go…

Some travel alongside one another…
Others veer off in their own directions..

And then there are those that cross over the lines…casting their light across others….sharing in the sky..

I smile watching their directions…

I like to watch…

Eventually…they dissipate…the strength of their paths becomes distant…

It saddens me…knowing…

The flight..

Is over…


5 thoughts on “Jets

  1. Yes they sadden me even more… and our title maybe should read..
    Chemtrails…. Look it up… or go to my Environmental issues page Summerrain.. If you are not aware already?
    Our skies are full of them most days.. and they are not on the commercial flight paths..
    Sue xx

  2. sorry that should have read. ( your Title ) the Y didnt register

  3. Duma Key says:

    Reminds me of being small, my friends and I would look at the sky and make up story’s of where the planes would go!

  4. Hi Summerrain,
    apologies for not being able to get back to your comment upon my post earlier than this,.. thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving me your kind words ,,

    I still look to the sky and still they are leaving their trails as we breathe in goodness knows what..
    I am hoping to be back on the blog trail again.. famous last words as I returned from my holiday to fall prey to a flu-type virus, one I think I caught travelling on the plane as many were coughing and sneezing around me.. ..
    Take care and many thanks for following ~Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.

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