Just Saying….



“The truth may hurt for a little while but a lie hurts forever.” Author Unknown


“You can never find yourself unless you face the truth.”  Pearl Bailey


For whatever reasons we justify our actions…whether we are afraid to be rejected or ridiculed….whether we dont want to hurt or worry another….whether we just wish to hide or conceal…there is no excuse to not be truthful and honest…


Just saying….




8 thoughts on “Just Saying….

  1. Many of us have been lied to and at times I know in the past I have told a few untruths myself for one reason or another.. And you are right its doesn’t excuse it.
    I think that the Truth Telling can also hurt.. for People often only want to be told that which they want to hear.. Another Matter I know..
    But we I think have all us during our lives have fallen short in the Truth game..

    Just as have our leaders, who think we are blind to their constant distortions of the Truth..
    Dropping by Summerrain, and hope the Sun is shining bright in your life. Sue

    • summerrain63 says:

      I was mad at my sister on this day….I am a worrier and she lied to me in the hopes that I would not worry…it just seems to me lies open up even more issues…

      thanks for coming by Sue…

  2. Duma Key says:

    It’s always the lies that cut the deepest, everything else is workable. There is so much lost in lies, and the lengths people go to to conceal those lies!

  3. enreal says:

    SOmetimes it is simply life which hurts… whether lies a re justified is sometimes the difference between happiness and understanding … I would rather be ignorant than know certain truths and I would rather be silent than hurt another with my truths…

    I have been lied to my whole life… the truths I discovered I would rather not know… I suppose if one is objective it could make sense… yet there are certain things which there can be no reason…

    Great thoughts… got me thinking

  4. enreal says:

    Reblogged this on Journals Of Enreal and commented:
    great thoughts

  5. Just happened upon your blog. I love this photo. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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