Fathers Day


I usually focus on watching my husband becoming the father my daughter so needs and deserves….they have a relationship that grows daily….its beautiful to witness….

Somehow this year I remember thinking about how I should write things down….remember them…so I can pass them on…before I forget…lol…

I wrote about my father before….his perfectionism….his strong demeanor which didnt allow for emotions to be displayed openly….only when needed of course…how he passed when I was 16…how I still remember…miss him…

I wrote him a poem after he died….I may have been like 17…I remember using our old typewriter and typing it up on an index card….my mother saved it for many years….thought I would write it here just so one day….I can say I did this…and I remember….well lets see if I remember it first….


At times I see my father

Looking from above

The reflections in his eyes

Show me there is love…


Though he is far away and distant

At times I feel he’s near

He tells me not to worry

For he is always here…


We had our disagreements

I thought that it was hate..

We did not realize it was love

Until it was too late..


But I have one thing to tell you Dad

Deep from my heart, it’s true

No matter what happened in the past

Just remember, I love you…


To all fathers….

Happy Fathers Day….



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