My Petal

Friday nights are family nights at my home when  I dont have to go in to work that is…the three of us snuggle up together and we watch a movie of my daughters choosing…snack on popcorn or ice cream and just hang out together….as a family…

This past Friday….I sat and cried after the movie…my daughter had chosen “Bridge to Terabithia” and I cry every time…so as I sat surrounded in tissues…he left the room only to return to bend on one knee….holding a long stemmed red rose….speaking to me of beginnings and never endings…calling me his everything…his petal…and so…

Friday…February 19th…I officially became engaged…

I never thought I would say those words….now if I dont throw up and can say I do…lol

Stay tuned…


26 thoughts on “My Petal

  1. The first time I saw that movie – my son warned me “Mom – you’ll cry’ and he refused to watch it with the rest of the kids.

    I didn’t just cry – I was sobbing…

    Without spoiling the movie for someone who might read this, I have never forgotten it. (I won’t watch it again without a box of tissues handy, but it was ‘life’ the way it can sometimes be – bitter and sweet at the same time.)

    You are engaged!!!!!!

    That is wonderful!

    And – what a way to do it!!!!

    You won’t throw up until after dear – trust me on this one, your nerves will hold.

    Congratulations – I wish you all the absolute best.

    Be well,

  2. saffy says:

    Ahhh fragrant beauty…i can think of no one more deserving of never endings…~hugs you ever so tightly~ xxx

  3. Jaymie says:

    Blessings and congratulations!

  4. J says:

    Congratulations and thank you sharing….it has made me smile…and has warmed my heart….

  5. tobeme says:


  6. Greeneyes says:

    i like what saffy said…loved it actually so a ditto for me…k?
    smiling….still…so very happy for you my dearest friend….life has a funny way of shifting us around, doesnt it? it can shift as much as it wants….long as we stay on the same side of the planet…its all good 😉
    love you …..xoxo

  7. Duma Key says:

    Thats great news, really pleased for you!

  8. souldose says:

    I don’t know the movie but after hearing what you wrote next I don’t care I wanna jump right and say the biggest CONGRATULATIONS I’ve ever said, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and may all your fridays be perfect family time, it’s a great tradition you guys.

  9. Shadowplay says:

    There are a few movies that do that to me… It can be such a healing, cleansing thing, to cry like that…

    Big congrats for your wonderful news!!! Hearing such an incredible affirmation of your love is heartwarming. Hugs!

    • summerrain63 says:

      I cry over alot of things….sometimes just looking at my daughter certain days does it for me….

      thank you for the heartwarming wishes…..sometimes I swear the ring gets tighter and starts to choke me….lol

  10. enreal says:

    We have soo much in common… this made me shake my head and smile. I cried both times I saw it… oh well… something about certain movies (alright, many movies…even trailers)

    Congratulations on your engagement, now thats something out of a movie. didn’t realize that actually happened. in really life… to someone… it is beautiful… I only know you from your words, yet I feel deep down that you deserve all the happiness on the world. Blessings dear heart. may your life be filled with love. eternally

    • summerrain63 says:

      no worries enreal….I cry every time too….on many movies actually….guess if we ever go to the movies we should take whole box of kleenex….

      thank you for the well wishes….im kinda scared…but i think it will be alright…he kinda likes my weirdness…lol

  11. purple says:

    congrats summerrain

  12. Congrats on your engagement, summerrain63. How exciting!!!!

    I absolutely love that movie, but cry, no, SOB, every time that my daughter watches it. We also love the snuggle on the couch to watch a movie and snack kind of night. It totally rocks!

    • summerrain63 says:

      thank you for such kind words…

      The first time I saw that movie…I did not know anything about it at all…oh my…I did sob…for a long time too…couldnt stop…such a story it is..

  13. Terri says:

    Summerrain this is soooo cool…….. I’m so happy for you…I wish you all many years of bliss, you deserve to be happy!!! 🙂

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