Memories of a Weekend

For my baby….who seems to always make my heart smile…

After a Friday night with friends….dinner and celebrating Christmas beneath the largest indoor Christmas tree I have ever seen…it seemed the good feelings this weekend never ended…

No traveling….no activities to attend….just relaxing at home…and finding homes for new toys and new things…

We played….games…

We drew and painted…

We made cupcakes with her new cupcake maker and laughed til we cried when frosting went flying around the kitchen…her eyes for a moment with tears thinking oh no…what a mess…until I laughed at splatters of pink on my counter…then we spinned it around again…

We set up her tent in the living room….playing cards inside…pretending to be on an expedition in the jungle…playing babies…trying to camp out in there Saturday night only to find mommy with aching back escaping…lol

We made lunch together…fried bologna so she could smack down the rising middle as it heated….again laughing…

We sang karoake….

We used her bionic eye to laugh again at our skin…….tongues….magnified to life on the television….

We played in aquasand….forming something of no real shape under water….but when you dip it out…it is dry…simply colored sand…magical…

Like my weekend….reminding me…sometimes….life is magical….simple…and full of laughter…and even my Dallas Cowboys mangaged to win in playoff game…more magic…lol

And when I layed down with her last night….asking what was her favorite part….we reminisced over everything…and her answer…simple….





18 thoughts on “Memories of a Weekend

  1. saffy says:

    ~Huge cheesy grin~ No need to ask if you had a good weekend sweetness…~hugs~ xxx

  2. Shadowplay says:

    You captured the beauty I feel everyday being with my son… I never thought I could be this blessed (it was a future I could not see in a million years!). I can only put it down to Grace. What a wonderful way you have of expressing joy! It’s contagious! 🙂

  3. Bill Howdle says:

    What a beautiful post. It warmed my heart, bringing back so many wonderful memoriies. What a special time you had.

  4. tobeme says:

    Thanks for sharing the magic of your weekend moments!

  5. Jaymie says:

    Great memories for both of you! They remember later – my boys bring up that kind of stuff from when they were little all the time. In fact, they still play given the chance. It is beautiful! This will have me smiling all day!

  6. J says:

    This post put a very big smile on my face and while reading it i felt I was there observing the whole thing. Your daughter is incredibly lucky to have a mother like you and I have a feeling you had a wonderful time not doing grown up stuff too. I have read it a few times over the past couple of days and it made me smile every time. Thank you

  7. enreal says:

    this is beautiful. you are blessed. for this is what life is about.

  8. Terri says:

    What a wonderful weekend …enjoy and make lots of memories…..thanks for sharing your weekend with us!!

  9. Samantha says:

    great post.. about some precious moments. Keep this, and try to write down and capture other precious memories… they are worth trying to capture. Little things our babies say.. so honest and innocent.. they blow me away.. and happen so much when they are little, that if you don’t make an effort to remember them… at least some of them might surely slip out of memory. So, I tried/try to write those things down.. and when she is older… she will love that you did… and want you to tell the story about the time she did this.. or said that.. over and over…. and, of course.. you will love that too. =)

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