A Day of Reflection

I guess we all have them….those days of reflection….about where we are…what we have done…what we should do next…

We cant go back and change things….sometimes we cant make corrections to things….sometimes we just have to move forward….and accept…

I have pondered several things the last few days….feeling sad….hurt…guilty that I am so far away…

But my path brought me where I am today…and beyond the losses I have felt…I am finding happiness…it is not that I forget where I came from…I miss all of that all the time…but this is where I am now…my baby is thriving…my heart is thriving…and being closer will not heal the hurt…only time can heal some things or at least make them tolerable…

Sometimes on days I reflect….I listen to loud angry music….lets my inner scream out….

Sometimes I dance and sing….find my happy silly self….

Sometimes….I just sit and listen to silence….until my never ending thoughts drive me crazy…

Sometimes…its the piano….it eases my tension….it makes me feel like I am floating…it reminds me sometimes of my heartbeat….and reminds me I am alive…

The following has been my favorite of late…..yes….I am caught up in the Edward and Bella love story….something about feeling that way….completely….I received the whole collection of books at Christmas….it just sweeps me away…and frankly….the music is beautiful….

So…just a little listen….to my day of reflection….as the snow falls outside….as I rediscover my heartbeat….and follow it…


16 thoughts on “A Day of Reflection

  1. saffy says:

    The past is history, the future a mystery, all we have is the gift of now, that’s why it’s called the present…& reflections aside, you really do seem to live each moment to the fullest…following your heartbeat has served you well…& their story & the music really is beautiful…just like you & yours…~hugs~ xxx

  2. enreal says:

    this is indeed beautiful. makes me sad. a love like this. written. lived in our minds. the put aside, waiting. patiently. to be discovered. sometimes i feel it is lost, then a reflection a moment of silence, then a melody. sweet, heard here. among your words. thank you

  3. purple says:

    “I am finding happiness” … everything else you said and thought is secondary to that! Be happy. You deserve it. Reflection, asking questions is almost as natural as breathing, but the key is to never allow yourself to remain there; always return to the Now and yes, move forward.

    loud, angry music (lol) I cannot picture this … from you … but I understand the many beautiful ways you mentioned for expressing yourself, for simply living and enoying each and every moment. That in itself is inspirational to hear.

  4. Shadowplay says:

    Reflection is a necessary part of the journey, I think. It can spur us in unexpected ways… Love how you give yourself the freedom to experience a range of emotions… Sometimes I throw on Black Eyed Peas (is that how you spell it, lol??) and dance the blues away. I hear you sister! So glad you have found your happiness – and when that changes – you’ve got what shows up as the next gift. Hugs to you!

  5. Jaymie says:

    Sending blessings, that’s all.

  6. Charles says:

    When the looking glass looks back –
    May my words always be an expression of courage.
    For a mirror is the reflection of truth
    that I might not wish to see the revelation in my
    – Voice.

  7. johncoyote says:

    I loved reading your poetry. Worthwhile story and tale described. I liked this song.

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