For Me

Gracie blogMany years ago I met a woman in chat that over the last 10 years has become my dearest friend…we have met several times…we talk every day…many times on some days….she is a light in my life and someone I am proud to call my friend…

I was reading her blog the other night…seeing which entries she chose to bring over here to WordPress when I came upon one which brought me memories…it was one she had written…

For me…

It was a time of indecision for me….choices I needed to make…ones that I was not sure I was capable and ready to make…frankly….I was scared…

But as a friend….she never pushes….she never makes judgements….she never demands….she never tries to fix me….she is just there…to listen…to comfort…to encourage and support….to cry along with and make me laugh….She is my Gracie….aka Life Through Greeneyes….and I love her mostly because she accepts me…

For Me….

So I share today this poem she wrote….

Beautiful Garden Steady and Strong


 So much has come between

One day and the next

And the ache in her heart

Beats to a rhythm out of harmony

And out of sync

I want to show her that she is more

Than bad memories of past expressions

But the background sounds drown out

All that is wonderful leaving her blue eyes

Out of focus on her moonless night

And sunless day

From within her breath is ragged

Growing tired of worn out mantras

And revisited scenarios of once upon a time

I would take those from her if I could

Replacing with energized scripts of all that is possible

Of what her truth and worth really are

Through eyes that see past the forest

And past the trees

But this journey has steps only she can climb

As my hand reaches up to this beautiful soul

Bundled in layers of protection from the elements

Of past storms and desolate surroundings

Come settle in my garden and root facing the warmth

And brightness that only new days can provide

I will find shade where you are safe

To grow and thrive and bend in the breeze

There is no fence and no locked gates

All she has to do is find that space

Where she too will know

What a beautiful part of our world

She is and will forever remain

Strong and steady in this forever tended to

Garden Of Roses







15 thoughts on “For Me

  1. Jaymie says:

    Incredible friend, incredible inspiration…lovely to be so blessed.

    • summerrain63 says:

      I am blessed Jaymie….in so many ways that sometimes I find it hard to believe….

      She is an incredible friend and person….she is not much on being graceful….she still is recovering from falling down some stairs and messing up her shoulder…but yes….wonderful mother….friend….she is all that and more…

      thank you as always for stopping by….

  2. Greeneyes says:

    i may not be graceful ….but i have a friend like you….so ive done something right havent i…
    and this made me cry….i adore you Rose and you will always remain a beautiful part of my world

  3. contoveros says:

    Almost speechless,

    Can’t get over such an enduring friendship. . .
    Wish i could have had such a lasting relationship.

    I’m a new kid on the block, and who knows?
    In time, maybe I’ll grow one in such a inviting garden.

    Michael J,, a GreenEyes visitor

  4. I can honestly say I have such a friend now, we call each other soul friends and if I started talking about her I’ll never stop.

  5. You do have such a wonderful friend in Gracie…Ralph Waldo Emerson said in The Conduct of Life…Our chief want in life is someone who shall make us do what we can. This is the service of a friend. With herwe are easily great,,siunds like Gracie is that person for are truly blessed

  6. saffy says:

    ~smiles~ What a beautiful testament to your friendship…tis a pleasure to know you both…~hugs~ xxx

  7. Samantha says:

    hello… found this poem, and the story behind it,extrememly beautiful and moving. thank you for sharing.

    especially loved these lines:

    “Replacing with energized scripts of all that is possible
    Of what her truth and worth really are
    Through eyes that see past the forest
    And past the trees”

    The idea of not just seeing the forest thru the tree’s… but, to see even past that. ? Lovely.

    • summerrain63 says:

      She is such a good friend and I love her dearly…she writes so beautifully and most of all….she does see the forest through the trees and helps me daily find my way….thanks so much for the lovely comment.

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