19There have been several turning points in my life…from  becoming a mother…to losing those I love…and then discovering true love…for the very first time…smiling

I dont believe I would have found my honey…if I had not let go and found a bit of myself first…even though the discovery of love and life continues every day…it was that period in my life when suddenly I realized who I was…what I wanted…what made me who I am and how to find peace that changed the course of my life…and allowed me to open myself up…to a love that will last the rest of my life here on this earth…lol…sound so profound doesnt it?…

Anyways…been finding some poetry…some of my own writing…and some of the music that helped me during that time…those things that  touched me…that inspired me…so once in awhile when I am sitting and feeling lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life…lol…I will remember where I came from…and how I got here…and I will smile that somehow…we found each other…

So…on with a poem…I found in old email tonight…how I remember letting go of past mistakes and feelings…like ashes of an old fire…floating away in the air on a breeze…until they are gone…ok…babbling…

© By Judy A. Jones

There is a long road ahead of me
In this life,

But still, I’m aware
That the road behind me extends

Far longer.
There are times in our lives

When we take stock of those things
Which shaped us;

Those things which we allowed
To create us.

I am such a crossroads.
I don’t like to admit it

But I still feel so much discomfort
In my Heart

For things that seem to be so far behind me.
I’ve grown weary of trying

And still, I try.
I’ve grown tired of the distance

And still, I reach out my hand.
I’ve grown fatigued at the cold

And so,
I put on my warmest sweater

And I trudge forward through the deepest snows.
Is it ego alone that brings me to this place?

And what of the other things
That life has offered up?

Do I face the challenge undaunted?
I think so.

There is a great purpose
In the knowing that I have found.

I am left with the ashes.

Those scattered reminders
Of the fire that once burnt so deeply

In my Heart.
Now where is it that I should

Scatter those embers?
Or do I just sit in them,

Roll in them,
And laugh all the while?


2 thoughts on “Ashes

  1. saffy says:

    Me likes you in Brook mode & the poem touched me deeply. ~hugs~ xxx

    • summerrain63 says:

      Sometimes I like to read old emails…remember those times….lol…found old poems and stuff I had saved…and I have come so far since then…my baby got sick night before last and I watched this man…step in and take care of her…and help me as I am working this week…so he let me rest…fixed her dinner…gave her medicine…and I wonder how in the world I ever met someone that loved me and my crazy ass…and loves my daughter…like his very own…so yea…sometimes…I like to remember where we came from…thought I would put some things here…so I can always remember…smiles

      and the Brook….continues….lol
      hugs you tight…

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